Minutes 20th May 2021

Minutes of Baston Parish Council Meeting held on 20th May 2021

Present: Cllrs Plant, Easey, Griffiths, Kelly, Morgan, Moss and Palmer.  2 members of the public also present.

Public Forum – residents re planning application.





Chairman’s Remarks – Cllr Plant welcomed everyone to the meeting.



Apologies for absence & reasons given – District Cllrs K Cooke and R Trollope-bellew.



Declaration of interest - (Cllrs are reminded of their obligation under the Code of Conduct pecuniary Interest) – None.



To agree Minutes of the last meeting held on 8th April 2021 – Cllr Plant proposed minutes reflected a true and accurate record of meeting, seconded Cllr Kelly.



Clerk’s report on matters outstanding – None.




Planning applications received since last meeting:

S21/085 18 Thetford Avenue - "The proposal if approved would create 2 dwellings which would not only appear cramped within the street scene it would also overpower and overshadow the adjacent bungalow. Furthermore it is not clear that any off street parking, either for the existing dwelling or the proposed dwellings could be achieved.  Accordingly the proposal is considered contrary to policies H6 and EN1 of the South Kesteven Local Plan which seek to ensure that proposals if approved do not create an unsatisfactory environment".

The above were the comments re refusal in August 2004 - The Parish Council feel nothing has changed to warrant a different outcome.  Baston Parish Council would be opposed to this application.


S21/0882 20 Aveland WayNo objections raised.




Finance - Reports on balances to date – Income and Expenditure report circulated prior to meeting.

Payments to be approved:

Parish Clerk Salary - £346.63 SO

Parish Clerk Expenses - £77.08

BDG Mowing - £280.00

BPFMC Mowing Subsidiary 2021 - £1300.00

BPFMC 6 Months Rubbish Collection - £198.90

One Sports Pitches (grasscutting) - £160.00

P Taylor, Internal Audit - £150.00

Community Heartbeat Trust Annual Support Cost – £324.00

Welland & Deepings Drainage Board - £4.02



Highways – Cllr Plant updated on Speed Signs, what information can be provided.



Grasscutting – Now BDG Mowing.



Village Concerns – Denshire Court walkway to Starsmore Estate – hedge overgrown infringing on passageway.  SKDC/Highways to be contacted.


Cars parking Main Road opposite school and shop especially on a Friday – parking both sides of the road.  Letter to be sent to school asking them to advise parents of problem and advise to park elsewhere.


83 Main Street – parking on grass – does have a driveway – letter requesting parks vehicle on driveway.


Parking on grass on Church Street (visiting Pub) – do we put up Notice – NO PARKING!

Parish Clerk



Parish Clerk



Parish Clerk




Street Furniture – Noticeboard re-sited, further works to be done.



Allotments – all allotments now taken.  Waiting list of three.



Correspondence - Police Report, circulated.



Reports from Outside Bodies (max 5 mins):

County Councillor, District Councillors – no reports.

BPFMC Representative – no update.

Neighbourhood Panel – no update.

South Lincs Fenland Partnership representative – no update.



To agree items for the press release:

New Councillors

Noticeboard being refurbished

Speeding – looking at traffic management/calming

Parish Council now meeting back in the Barn (Face to Face meetings resuming)



To resolve whether the Council move into closed session – NO.



Any Other Business – items to be placed onto next month’s (June 2021) agenda.



Date of the next meeting: Thursday 10th June 2021 at The Barn at 7.30 p.m.



The meeting closed at 9.45 pm.