Minutes 11th June 2020

2020-06-11 Minutes
Minutes of the meeting of Baston Parish Council held REMOTELY during Thursday 11th June 2020
Taking part:    Cllrs:      A Hutchins, B Easey, P Fidler, J Kelly, D Moss, D Plant, D Morgan
35/20 Chairman’s Remarks – None.
36/20 Disclosure of Interests – None.
37/20 Co-option of Councillor(s) – Item to be left on agenda until Parish Council meet again.
38/20 Minutes of the last meeting –
It was resolved that the minutes of the last meeting held 14th May 2020 be approved and signed as a true and accurate record.  Proposed Cllr Plant, seconded Cllr Kelly all in agreement.
39/20 Clerks report on matters outstanding –
Parish Clerk emailed Cllr Woolley re yellow lines to see what time scale is.
40/20 Planning –
S20/0219 and S20/0816 - previously discussed and agreed to make no representations.
41/20 Finance –
Payments to be made:
Wendy Gray, Parish Clerk – June £346.63 via SO
Community Cleaner – May 2020 - £65.68
BDG Mowing – May £560.00
BPFMC £1,200 annual contribution towards the playing field maintenance costs, as agreed following the 2017 village referendum.
LALC (Affiliation Fee/Cllr Training) £440.73
Welland & Deepings Drainage Board £3.94 Cllr Fidler proposed payments were made, seconded Cllr Plant, all in agreement.  
42/20 Highways –
Cllr Plant asked if there is a list of companies, addresses etc that operate on outgang road.  During this lockdown, many lorries are speeding through the village, probably due to lack of people and cars.
Might be worth sending a reminder that the limit is 30mph not a min. Speed.
Cllr Kelly reported from memory we also have in place section 106 agreements....no vehicles through the village....
Cllr Hutchins responded that the only S106 agreement in force in the village was with Cemex, and it only applied to their own vehicles. Any third-party vehicles travelling to and from Cemex's site were exempt from complying with the S106 restrictions.
It would appear that many of the HGVs travelling through the village are only using the Outgang Road and Main Street as a 'rat-run' to and from the A15. Otherwise, the only business locally generating HGV traffic is Enduramaxx, the plastics factory.
Some of them may need reminding.
Also numerous cement lorries and on particular 2 blue curtain sides with no logo every morning and evening.
without knowing any more details about the lorries, it would be difficult to action this. If you are confident that the lorries are speeding through the village then it should become a matter for the Police.
Cllr Kelly asked does our speed sign record vehicle type and speed?  Cllr Hutchins replied not vehicle type only speed in 5mph increments over the speed limit.
43/20 Grass cutting –
Contractors continue to do a good job.
44/20 Baston Naturehood –
Although we aren’t able to continue just yet with ideas for a Baston Naturehood, I thought it worth sharing some wildlife activities with you all. Please do share with other members of your organisations, children, families, grandchildren.
30 Days Wild
30 Days Wild is a fun, feel-good challenge run by The Wildlife Trusts every June. Back for its sixth year, it brings people closer to the nature where they live, taking small actions that can collectively have a big impact!
From little things such as watching a bee from your window or feeding the birds, to giving up single-use plastics for a month or digging a pond in your garden: every Random Act of Wildness counts. If you want to see what others are getting up to, just check out #30DaysWild on social media.
I took the attached photo of a frog in my mini, makeshift garden pond. Build it and they will come!
Stay Wild at Home Activities from Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust
The Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust ‘stay wild at home’ page and the Action for Insects campaign are encouraging people to take positive action for wildlife in our gardens and homes. Both sites include activities that everyone can get involved with whilst in isolation and beyond.
By signing up to Action for Insects you receive an electronic booklet, which includes easy steps to help reduce the decline in our important insect pollinator species.
For people who engage with Facebook, take a look at the LWT Wild Time page - https://www.facebook.com/WildTimeLincolnshire/  we are posting Hedgehog Award challenges on there each week and inviting families to share what they have been doing and receive a sticker.
28/20 Village Concerns –
Email from Style House Hairdresser regards bin.  There were poo bags behind the bin....but if rear of bin was blocked off this would not happen.  Would not want bin removed.  Parish Clerk can refer this to SKDC (it's their bin).  Cllr Kelly will advise resident.
29/20 Street Furniture –
Noticeboards - David is looking at sorting July/August.
30/20 Allotments –
Plots 4a/4b up to 3 weeks ago had not been worked on.  Parish Clerk has been in contact with both allotment holders but understand both have issues re where they live and water problems - hence they have had to move in and out of their properties!!  They are not sure how long problem is going to continue for but want to keep their allotments.
45/20 Correspondence –
46/20 Reports from Outside Bodies –
District and County Cllrs
Here are the latest updates from LCC and SKDC  W/C 08.06.20
    • Our street markets have continued to grow, from just having food stalls we have been allowed to open up to non-food retailers.  In some respects where the weekly market was beginning to die this virus has actually helped to revitalize them and both at Bourne Thursday/Saturday and Grantham Saturday market the number of stalls has increased.
    • With keeping the markets open this has also helped us with the advice we have been able to give retailers when we come to open the high streets on 15th June.  Both district and county are working hard with business owners to make a safe and secure environment for our residents to shop.
    • With shops opening at district we have taken the decision to keep our car parks free of charge to do our bit to encourage people back into our towns.
    • Our Arts Centres were closed in March and the officers have been working hard behind the scenes with artists to produce an E-newsletter which all parish clerks should be receiving and distributing and also online events such as jazz, comedy, poetry, drawing to name a few.  
    • The planning application of Mr A Freeman for a 4 bedroom bungalow has gone to appeal, SKDC will contact the clerk.
    • We've now had over 23,800 bookings for slots at Lincolnshire household waste recycling centres, you will be able to book up to seven days in advance and we've allocated certain days to certain waste types, which are now the same across the county. To find out more please visit www.lincolnshire.gov.uk/clickandtip
    • The majority of schools across Lincolnshire are now beginning to re-open their doors, the decision is left to the individual schools.  Those re-opening have introduced measures to limit the potential spread of coronavirus, such as smaller class sizes or staggered break times, helping to keep pupils and staff safe as they return to the classroom.  Where possible we are asking parents/carers to transport children to school, but if they need transport, they can fill in the online form at www.lincolnshire.gov.uk/schooltransport
    • One of the most difficult things in the care settings during lockdown has been maintaining contact between care home residents and their loved ones.  The County Council has provided 30 Facebook Portals to LCC Care Homes and another 5 to supported living venues this week.
    • The number of people who can attend funerals remains extremely limited. Residents are being reminded that if attendance hasn’t been pre-arranged, they should not attend funerals and should use online streaming services where they are available, to avoid being turned away and keep everyone involved safe.
    • The new LCC Highways Community Work Gang is coming to Deepings West & Rural in September, it will cover finger post maintenance, renewing existing grips in the verge, clearing street signs etc.  A form has be sent to each parish for completion.
    • I have arranged a meeting with the new highways manager Kyra Nettle and would be grateful for a copy of any outstanding highways issues from the clerk asap.
BPFMC – No Report
Neighbourhood Panel – No Report
South Lincs Fenland Partnership – No Report
47/20 To agree items for the press release –
48/20 Any Other Business –
Speed Signs – Cllr Plant ready to move on with this.  Agenda item for next meeting.
Date of next meeting – Virtual meeting will be held on Thursday 9th July 2020 commencing at 8 pm.