Minutes 11th October 2020

2020-11-12 Minutes
Chair: Alan Hutchins, Clerk: Wendy Gray email: wendy7wansford@gmail.com
Parish Council meeting held remotely on Thursday 12th November 2020 at 8 p.m.
"Members of the public may request to attend the meeting remotely"
In attendance: Cllrs A Hutchins, J Kelly, D Plant, D Morgan, D Moss, District Cllrs K Cooke and R Trollope-belllew.  
2 members of the public were also in attendance.
Public Forum 
(Points may be raised on any agenda item below otherwise matters will be noted for the next Parish Council meeting or passed to the relevant authority) – Lane access onto Deeping Road, behind overgrown leyllandi trees?
20-11 / 1. Opening of Meeting – Chairman Cllr Hutchins welcomed everyone to the meeting.  Cllr Hutchins asked Councillors to think about next years Precept and suggestions for things we might want to include.
20-11 / 2. Apologies for Absence – Cllr Easey, Cllr Palmer.
20-11 / 3. Declaration of Interest 
(Councillors are reminded of their obligation under the Code of Conduct to declare pecuniary interests) – None.
20-11 / 4. Co-option of Councillor(s).  One member of public has shown interest.
ACTION: Parish Clerk to send information on criteria.
20-11 / 5. To agree the Minutes of Meeting held on 8th October 2020.  Proposed Councillor Morgan, seconded Councillor Kelly, all in agreement that the minutes reflected a true and accurate record of meeting.
20-11 / 6. Clerks Report on Matters Outstanding
Removal of Litter Bin outside Hairdressers – Parish Clerk contacted SKDC requesting bin is returned for the Parish Council to site (concrete base where BT Kiosk stood) – SKDC advised email request passed to Waste Team to provide an update on our request.
Overgrown Vegetation Chariot Way – LCC has written to resident.
20-11 / 7. Planning
S20/1748 proposed change of use from open land into additional residential garden space to the east of 129 Main Street – land to the East of 129Main Street Baston PE6 9PB.
ACTION: Parish Council observation – there is a large tree situated in this area – the Parish Council would like to see that existing trees are dealt with sensitively.  Proposed Cllr Morgan, seconded Councillor Plant all Councillors in agreement.
20-11 / 8. Finance 
Copy of updated Income and Expenditure circulated to Cllrs prior to meeting.
Authorisation of Payments - The Parish Clerk presented invoices for payment:
Parish Clerk Salary S/O 346.63
Community Cleaner (October) 43.60
BDG Mowing (Grasscutting October) 560.00
20-11 / 9. Highways
Footpaths on the A15 (Langtoft through to Thurlby) – Councillor Trollope-bellew advised this was costed a long time ago – too costly.  Councillor Trollope-bellew happy to raise again with LCC.
ACTION: Parish Clerk to resend request.
Abandoned vehicle on Thetford Avenue near allotments, not taxed or insured.  
ACTION: Letter to owner requesting vehicle is removed.
Damaged Highway Main Street / Thetford Avenue, Baston little lad fell on damaged footpath – to be reported to highways with photos -  recorded under reference number 4154375. 
20-11 / 10. Grasscutting
Last cut for the year completed – continue to do a good job.
20-11 / 11. Baston Naturehood.  No update.  Cllr Moss asked does it link in with quarry.  If linked in we can keep eye on.
20-11 / 12. Village Concerns - Baston No.1 Public Access – see County Councillors report below.
20-11/ 13. Street Furniture
Noticeboards – Parish Council Noticeboard now removed – in process of being renovated – may not be back up until New Year.
Litter Bin(s) – purchase of/emptying – bins ordered.  Need to ascertain where to be sited.
20-11 / 14. Allotments – All allotment rents in – 1 full and 2 halves available.
20-11 / 15. Correspondence
The Parish Clerk will report on correspondence received since the last meeting
Environment SK –for all grounds maintenance needs – request from them to be added to our list of approved suppliers.
SKDC Local Plan.
Yellow Lines Request – see response below from Councillor Trollope-bellew.
20-11 / 16. Reports from Outside Bodies
County Councillor, District Councillors
Cllr Kelham Cooke - The latest lockdown unfortunately means that we are all facing further disruption to our lives and livelihoods, but this time we have not had to start from scratch and much of what we need to help residents and businesses of South Kesteven is already in place.
When we first went into lockdown in March our communities rallied round to create a network of support for those most in need through our hugely successful Community Hub. Since then the Council has contacted nearly 18,000 vulnerable residents to offer assistance and made more than 1,500 calls to vulnerable residents as part of our befriending programme. Importantly, we have also worked with local partners to support them as they have helped others.
That community spirit will once again be called upon and be assured, the Community Hub will again be at the forefront of our response, with our staff volunteering to co-ordinate help for those most in need and provide a friendly voice on the end of the telephone for people feeling isolated or vulnerable. The hub can be contacted at SKCommunityHub@southkesteven.gov.uk or on 01476 406177.
Turning to other matters …
Devolution and local government reorganisation. 
We expected to see the Government’s White Paper in October but the Covid-19 pandemic has, understandably, been very much the focus and I think the devolution debate will now re-commence in 2021.
SKDC Corporate Plan
This has now been agreed and published, setting out our priorities and our focus on key deliverables. It’s a really comprehensive vision and is published in full on our website:  http://www.southkesteven.gov.uk/CHttpHandler.ashx?id=26876&p=0 
Local Plan Review
This is now live on www.southkesteven.gov.uk/localplanreview .  It’s your opportunity to become involved in reviewing the Local Plan and closes on 23 November. Follow the link to an Issues and Options Consultation Webpage and a response form.  Let us know what you think!
Corporate Restructure and Amended Budget 
This has also been approved and will align our resources to meet our priorities and our amended budget, also approved, will ensure that our financial footing remains strong.
Climate Change
We have produced a new ‘Climate Matters’ document, due for Cabinet consideration in November. It is our Climate Change and Carbon Reduction Annual Statement and recognises the vital role the council has in leading the transformation locally.
Best Kept Village Competition
I have spoken before of our commitment to keep our district clean and looking its best, and, despite the difficulties of this year, our in-house Best Kept Village competition has shown that community pride is alive and well. Presentations are complete and we are installing gold litter bins to our three overall winners: Allington, Barrowby and Irnham.
Government test and trace
Residents could be entitled to a £500 payment if they are on a low income and cannot work because they’ve been asked to self-isolate due to Covid-19. Payments can be backdated and there is eligibility information here for sharing  www.southkesteven.gov.uk  - click on the Coronavirus link. SKDC has so far handed out more than £8,500 in Government Test and Trace payments.
I am delighted to tell you that our community LotterySK has celebrated its second anniversary with another £25,000 jackpot win – the second since we launched  The total won by ticket holders now stands at more than £94,000, with £133,000 raised for good causes. Please do encourage any good causes you know of to sign up. www.lotterysk.co.uk
Business Support
If you know of businesses needing expert help, please encourage them to book into the next online information and advice Tea Break session from InvestSK, our regeneration and growth company. The December 8 event is a free opportunity to put questions to a panel of expert speakers and to find out what support is available to help businesses during the Covid pandemic.https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/investsk-tea-break-tickets-125927543673 
Thanks as always for your support and friendship and I look forward to continuing to work with all of you.
Cllr Rosemary Trollope-Bellew - The SK community fund is again open for applications to provide financial assistance for:- Small grants – groups can apply for between £500-£2000, Community Events-groups can apply for between £500-£5000, Community Projects- groups can apply for between £500-£5000
Projects that tackle loneliness, social/rural isolation, mental health & wellbeing; outdoor facilities, work to community buildings & social enterprises that support communities in the district.
Application-small grants scheme can request up to 100% of projected costs.
Groups wishing to apply for assistance with a community event or project with a value in excess of £2000 can request up to a maximum of 80% of total, the other 20% must be contributed from elsewhere of which 10% can be from in-kind volunteering or materials.  Closing date 4th December and 26th February 2021.  For more information email communityfund@southkesteven.gov.uk
At the INVESTSK meeting held on Wednesday we have 120 businesses register to hear about the grants available.
BP/Marks & Spencer-SKDC refused planning permission at Langtoft/Market Deeping roundabout A15/A1175 has been overturned at appeal.  It was felt that there was not sufficient evidence to show that the location and access would not be safe.
PL/0082/20 Mineral extraction and restoration of site at King Street, Greatford.  At this moment in time it has not gone to committee.  Since our site meeting with members from each parish who will be affected.  I have obtained information in regards to an HGV Weight limit strategy.  It would seem that LCC do not have a published policy or strategy relating to routing but restrictions are on individual basis-safety or environmental.  
PL/0044/08 & s7/0659/08 Baston 1 quarry – gravel extraction & site restoration – concern that it hasn’t been done in line with planning agreements.
LCC are aware of the situation and has visited the site, with discussions taking place.
Yellow lines – Deeping Road – an assessment is being done, it may not be double yellow lines but an H bar which is usually more suitable for laybys. Awaiting update.
Waste Bin was removed from the Hair dressers due to odours and was situated on private property.  Street scene looked at placing elsewhere but nothing suitable at the time.
New LCC Website – would be interested if you would contact the council to let them know what your thoughts are in regards to training, setting it up and using it.
BPFMC Representative – nothing to report – no activity.
Neighbourhood Panel – nothing to report.
South Lincs Fenland Partnership Representative – no meetings for time being.
20-11 / 17. To agree items for the press release
Vacancy, Role of Councillor
Potential Extra Bins
Precept – Invite review from Public
Vacant Allotments
Date of next Remote Meeting
20-11 / 18. Any Other Business – items to be placed onto next meeting agenda 10th December 2020 commencing at 8 pm.  Meeting closed at 9.04 pm.