Minutes 11th March 2021


Minutes 11th March 2021



Vice Chair: David Plant, Clerk: Wendy Gray email: wendy7wansford@gmail.com


Parish Council meeting held remotely on Thursday 11th March 2021 at 7.30 p.m.

"Members of the public may request to attend the meeting remotely"


In attendance: Cllrs D Plant, J Kelly, District Cllr R Trollope-bellew.  Amanda Jenkins from Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust and 6 members of the public were also in attendance.


Public Forum

(Points may be raised on any agenda item below otherwise matters will be noted for the next Parish Council meeting or passed to the relevant authority)


1. Opening of Meeting – Vice Chairman Cllr Plant welcomed everyone to the meeting. 

Mr Pegg moved into village from Braintree – interested in what goes on at a PC meeting.

Mr and Mrs Cullimore moved from Wokingham last June - interested in what goes on at a PC meeting.

Paul Delmer moved from Peterborough 2 years ago – how PC works, get involved.

Gareth Keber - concerned about volume of large Lorries coming through the village.

Doug Balderston (concerns about increase in dog faeces and rubbish)


2. Apologies for Absence – Cllrs Easey, Griffiths, Morgan, Moss and Palmer, District Cllr K Cooke.


3. Declaration of Interest

(Cllrs are reminded of their obligation under the Code of Conduct to declare pecuniary interests) – None.


4. Co-option of Cllr(s).  No new applicants.


5. To agree the Minutes of Meetings held on 10th December 2020 and 11th February 2021 – proposed Cllr Kelly, seconded Cllr Plant.


6. Clerks Report on Matters Outstanding

Overgrown Vegetation Chariot Way – As resident has now moved – this has been referred back to LCC.

Dyke/Layby response received from SKDC.


7. Planning – no new applications received since last meeting.



8. Finance

Copy of updated Income and Expenditure circulated to Cllrs prior to meeting.

Authorisation of Payments - The Parish Clerk presented invoices for payment:

Parish Clerk Salary S/O £346.63

D Bailey (Website Support) one off payment £50.00

Community Cleaner (January) £69.76

Glasdon (Bin Bags) £46.56

Baston Naturehood £900.00


9. Highways

Footpaths on the A15 (Langtoft through to Thurlby) – what do we need to do to move this forward (cycle paths etc). 


10. Grasscutting – Cllr Plant contacted contractor (One Sport)who cuts the grass for the football club will take over areas Main Street/A15 – will commence end of March and will cut twice a month (until end of growing season).


11. Baston Naturehood.  Amanda Jenkins explained about the Wildlife Trust and what it does and what we are hoping to do in Baston – see report at end of minutes.


12. Village Concerns.

Dog Fouling – bins being used – David emptying once a week at the moment (very full).


13. Street Furniture

Noticeboards – Parish Council Noticeboard in process of being renovated.


14. Allotments – 1 full and 2 halves available.  I person enquired about availability.


15. Correspondence.

Police Report circulated.

SKDC Flood Prevention (Sand Bags).


16. Reports from Outside Bodies

County Cllr, District Cllrs

Cllr Kelham Cooke – March Update

As the UK continues to lead Europe with its Covid-19 vaccination programme it’s fair to say that the light at the end of the tunnel is now shining a little bit brighter and, as things stand, there is cause for cautious optimism.

We do, of course, remain alert to any potential setbacks and I cannot stress enough how important it is for people to book their appointment for a jab when invited to do so.

There is no doubt the pandemic has brought about significant hardship and challenges across every aspect of our lives, but it has also brought about change and creativity – some delivered at break-neck speed.

Many businesses and organisations, including South Kesteven District Council, have had to make brave decisions to survive and enact them within days and weeks, rather than months and years.

Over the last year, SKDC has radically changed the way it works and delivers key services. Face to face services have been reinvented for a virtual age and new services, such as our Community Hub and business grants, have been set up with speed to support both residents and businesses.

The need for collaboration has never been greater and I would like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to the vital work of parish councils and community organisations in helping their communities overcome the challenges they have faced. I am sure that this heightened sense of community will continue event when the new normal is established.

Register to vote

Anyone not registered to vote is urged to do so to ensure they can have their say in local elections taking place on 6th May. The registration deadline is 19th April. The deadline for postal vote registration is 5pm on 20th April and the proxy vote deadline is 5pm on April 27th.

In addition to Lincolnshire County Council elections there are by-elections for the Glen Ward of SKDC (one vacancy); Corby Glen Parish Council (two vacancies); Pointon and Sempringham Parish Council (five vacancies) and St George’s Ward of Stamford Town Council (one vacancy) plus a number of Neighbourhood Plan Referendums.

Please encourage residents to register so they can exercise their democratic right. For more information on voter registration, or if you are available to help with staffing on the day, email elections@southkesteven.gov.uk

Recycling centres fully open

From Monday 8th March, Lincolnshire County Council's Household Waste Recycling Centres are allowing residents to take recycling, garden waste and general waste on any opening day.

To manage the number of people on-site and to prevent queues, the booking system will remain, so residents will still need to visit lincolnshire.gov.uk/clickandtip or call 01522 782070, to book their time slot.

Vans and larger trailers will still need to have a permit to access the sites, which can be accessed via the same webpage.

Budget setting

The budget setting process this year has been immensely difficult as we continue to deal with the pandemic, and the pressure that is has put on our comm unities and businesses, and on the services we continue to deliver.

SKDC has agreed a £5 Council Tax increase for Band D properties in 2021-22, that is for the whole year and is equivalent to less than 42 p a month. Of course, the final total will also include parish precepts and contributions to Lincolnshire County Council and the county police and fire services.

Support for business

SKDC’s economic growth and regeneration company, InvestSK, has launched two new discretionary schemes to support local businesses affected by national lockdown measures.

The schemes have been developed based on insight from businesses impacted by Covid restrictions and are targeted to support specific sectors that haven’t been mandated to close but supply those which have. The two schemes support:

  • Main supply chain firms to businesses instructed to close, such as event management companies, corporate caterers and breweries. Despite not being mandated to close they have had their main income taken away due to closure of the industries they supply.
  • Businesses reliant on providing domestic services, education, travel and holiday services. These businesses have effectively been unable to operate.

Cllr R Trollope-bellew – March Update

With the vaccinations being such a success the county council looked at helping support our local businesses with a 12m package which was for those who were unable to access government grants previously.

The winter has been very wet and cold winter and caused a lot of potholes to appear on the network, county has introduced find and fix gangs on our A and B roads, who patrol our key routes and can quickly repair problems as soon as they find them. And where there are more serious, on-going issues, looking to bring forward patching and resurfacing schemes to stop potholes forming in the first place, in January 2021 the teams repaired 2,480 potholes across Lincolnshire.

This winter gritting season, been out nearly 90 times, and spread over 25,000 tonnes of salt on the roads. The last time we had winter weather like this was in 2018, and at the end of that winter we had nearly 20,000 outstanding reports of potholes from residents waiting to be fixed. Currently, we have around 3,000 outstanding public reports, and 70% of those already have repairs scheduled – so we are doing much better at responding to these reports and fixing defects in a timely manner.

A mineral extraction planning application from Ashton Estates on land at Greatford will go to committee in June after the elections.

Highways have installed an H bar outside Mr & Mrs Jones entrance, Deeping Road.

Finally I would like to thank everyone who has supported me as their County Councillor but I have decided not to re-stand but will continue as one of your local district councillors.  Andy Halfhide, who was a resident of Baston, will be standing as your local conservative candidate.


BPFMC Representative – No Report.

Neighbourhood Panel – No Report.

South Lincs Fenland Partnership Representative – no meetings for time being.


Naturehood Notes for Baston Parish Council meeting

Ecological Surveys and management plans

Surveys undertaken last September for six public spaces around Baston have been sent to the Parish Council and relevant people in the Baston Naturehood group. Sites include:

  • School Grounds
  • Mayfield Gardens
  • Church grounds and new cemetery
  • Grass verge – footpath from Mayfield Gardens to Church Lane
  • Allotments
  • Brudenell Playing Fields


Next Steps

  • Consider how we gain wider interest from the village community?
  • Would the village want to have a facilitated event to collect community thoughts and ideas for a Naturehood?
  • Review the Ecological Surveys and management plans to see where it might be possible to enhance sites to help people to enjoy and engage more with nature and wildlife.

 Minerals Extraction - Greatford

Written to Cllr Trollope Bellew and Cllr Cooke (cc Cllr Dobson) to request restoration of Manor Farm minerals extraction site to benefit people and wildlife.

 Cranes at Willow Tree Fen

If you would like to see these rare birds to Lincolnshire take binoculars, park safely on verge near the main entrance to willow tree fen on Counter Drain Drove. Volunteers on duty will help you to see them through your binoculars. Please do not attempt to enter the reserve from any direction as cranes are extremely sensitive to disturbance.

Amanda Jenkins, Conservation Officer, Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust.


17. To agree items for the press release

Vacancy, Role of Cllr

Vacant Allotments

Date of next Remote Meeting


18. Any Other Business – items to be placed onto next meeting agenda 8th April 2021 commencing at 7.30 p.m. 


Meeting closed at 9 pm.