Minutes 9th May 2019 AGM

2019-05-09 Minutes AGM
DRAFT Minutes of the Annual Parish Council Meeting of Baston Parish Council held on Thursday 9th May 2019 in The Barn @ 20:00hrs.  
Present:    Cllrs A Hutchins, B Easey, Mrs L Gilliatt, P Fidler
        Clerk:     Mrs W Gray
        D.Cllr and County Cllr R Trollope-Bellew
        D.Cllr K Cooke            
        3 members of the public were also in attendance.
22/19 Election of Chairman – It was proposed by Cllr Gilliatt & seconded by Cllr Easey that Cllr Hutchins be elected as chairman. All agreed.  Cllr Hutchins signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office.
23/19 Election of Vice-Chairman – It was proposed by Cllr Easey & seconded by Cllr Gilliatt that Cllr Fidler is elected Vice-Chairman.  All agreed.  Cllr Fidler signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office.
24/19 Co-Option of Councillors -
Mr Dave Morgan – introduced himself as a potential candidate for filling a vacancy on the Parish Council.
Mr David Plant – introduced himself as a potential candidate for filling a vacancy on the Parish Council.
Cllr Gilliatt proposed that both applicants be co-opted onto the Parish Council, seconded Cllr Fidler, all in favour (AH/BE).
Mr Morgan and Mr Plant then joined the Councillors for the rest of the meeting.
25/19 Apologies & reasons given – Cllr Kelly (holiday)
26/19 To receive declarations of Interest - None
27/19 Minutes of the last meeting – It was proposed by Cllr. Hutchins and seconded by Cllr. Gilliatt that the minutes of the last meeting held on Thursday 10th May 2018 be received.   It was resolved that Cllr. Hutchins sign the minutes as a correct record.  
28/19 Clerks report on matters outstanding from the minutes – None.
29/19 Appoint representatives to outside bodies –
    a) BPFMC – Cllrs Hutchins and Kelly
    b) Neighbourhood Police Panel – Cllrs J Kelly and Morgan
    c) South Lincs Fenland Partnership – Cllrs J Kelly and Fidler
30/19 To appoint committees & sub-committees –
    a) Planning & Highways Group –  Cllrs Hutchins and Fidler
    b) Finance Group – Cllrs Hutchins and Kelly
    c) Communications Group – Cllr Mrs Gilliatt
It was proposed by Cllr Hutchins and seconded by Cllr Gilliatt that the above councillors be elected as representatives for the various outside bodies/committees.  All agreed.
30/19 Financial – The clerk advised that the accounts would be submitted for approval at June meeting.
    a) To approve the Annual Governance Statement by resolution
    b) Consider Accounting Statements by members as a whole
    c) Approve Accounting Statements by resolution
    d) On approval Accounting Statement to be signed and dated
    e) Approve Internal Auditor - Mr P Taylor be appointed internal auditor for 2019/20
    f) Approve Community Cleaners & Clerks hours and duties for 2019/2020:
Community Cleaner (Winter 2.5 hrs/Summer 3 hrs week)    
Parish Clerk 8 hrs week
    g) Approve to renew Council’s Insurance Policy for the forthcoming year
It was proposed by Cllr Hutchins and seconded by Cllr Gilliatt (e), (f) and (g) be approved.  All Cllrs in agreement.
31/19 Risk Assessment Audit
    a) Computer passwords – Parish Clerk provided Chairman Cllr Hutchins with a sealed and dated envelope with the details.
32/19 Dates for the forthcoming meetings during 2019/2020
13th June, 11th July, 12th Sept, 10th Oct, 14th  Nov, 12th Dec, 13th Feb, 12th March, 9th April (APM/PCM), 14th May (APCM/PCM).
Meeting closed 20:25 hrs