Minutes 12th March 2020

2020-03-12 Minutes
Minutes of the meeting of Baston Parish Council held on Thursday 12th March 2020 commencing at 8 pm
Present:    Cllrs:      A Hutchins, B Easey, P Fidler, J Kelly, D Moss, P Hearne
5 members of the public in attendance.
Open Forum –
Bob Wells - interested in recording a Podcast about Baston Parish Council.  Explanation of what it entails.  All Cllrs interested in project – liaise through Cllr Kelly.
212/19 Chairman’s Remarks – Cllr Hutchins welcomed everyone to the meeting.
213/19 Apologies for absence & reasons given – Cllr Morgan, Cllr Plant, District Cllr R Trollope-bellew
214/19Disclosure of Interests – None.
215/19 Co-option of Councillor(s) – Mr Terry Joiner interested – Parish Clerk to contact after meeting.
216/19 Minutes of the last meeting – It was resolved that the minutes of the last meeting held 13th February 2020 be approved and signed as a true and accurate record.  Proposed Cllr Hearne, seconded Cllr Fidler – all in agreement.  
217/19 Clerks report on matters outstanding –
Baston Outgang Road – Cllr Trollope-bellew now requested response/update from Planning Enforcement.
S19/1529 – Conversion of part of agric building to form 3 x industrial units at Thetford Farm – Planning permission granted.
Discussed the building of a very large number of houses as you approach Spalding having driven out of the village on Outgang Road, concerns regarding use of Baston as a route to the A15.  Further details of the plans were requested.
Update from Cllr Trollope-bellew on other issues:
A15 – What is the time scale of double yellow lines? This is currently on the Traffic team's list to investigate. Once they start it will take between 6-9 months to implement a suitable scheme, if they think there is one that will address the issues. I will chase this as best I can and let you know when it gets started. You may well see something before I do though as local Members are consulted first as part of the process. This is the same for all TROs.
High St/Cardyke Drive - Request for yellow parking restriction along Main Street up to Black Horse Public House to prevent cars parking opposite the junction of Cardyke Drive- reason behind this request is the ongoing problems of parents parking and making it difficult for residents of Cardyke drive. As above.
218/19 Planning –
S20/0212 – Proposed siting of a single caravan for permanent residence and retention of associated decking, canopy and shed at Cresslands Caravan Park, Kates Bridge – no observations to make.
219/19 Finance – Income and Expenditure update had been sent to all Cllrs prior to meeting.
Payments to be made:
Wendy Gray, Parish Clerk – February/March - £346.63 x 2
Community Cleaner – January 2020 - £65.68
Community Cleaner – February 2020 - £65.68
Parish Clerk re Village Seats - £1102.56
BPFMC (Waste Collection) - £86.45
220/19 Highways –
Three lots of fly tipping reported – the lay by near the new houses on the A15, in a lay by near the nature reserves on Outgang Road and finally down the path near the woods on he left as you leave the village onto Outgang Road.  Cllr Moss agreed to take some photos.
221/19 Grass cutting –
Due to start end of this month subject to weather.
222/19 Village Wild Flower Reservation –
223/19 Village Concerns –
Residents on Starsmore had problem with drainage i.e. blockages.
State of verges through cars parking there.  Corner Hadrian Drive churned up.
5 Church Street overgrown trees.
224/19 Street Furniture –
Seat on Hadrians Drive has been re conditioned.
(P Rayner has plaque re Jim Mayfield).
2 new seats ordered.
Dog Waste Bin request – Cllr Moss to research costings with a view to seek funding from our District Cllr after 1st April.
225/19 Allotments – Only one half allotment available.
226/19 Correspondence –
Parish Council Summit Meeting 20th March with Gareth Davies MP and Leader of South Kesteven District Council, Kelham Cooke – Chairman already advised he was unable to attend on this date.  Now cancelled.
Email re cemetery access.
227/19 Reports from Outside Bodies –
Distrct and County Cllrs – No report
BPFMC – Car Park works just about completed. Village Fete 12th June.
Neighbourhood Panel – No Report
South Lincs Fenland Partnership – Cllrs Kelly and Fidler attended meeting (will circulate minutes).
228/19 To agree items for the press release –
Near Completion of Footpath through Layby (Mayfield Gardens with A15).
New Street Furniture.
Nature Group Project
Fly Tipping
In view of the government's restrictions regarding social contact and gatherings, “Baston Parish Council meetings have been suspended until further notice."
229/19 To resolve whether the Council move into Closed Session – None.
220/19 Any Other Business – None.
211/19 Date of next meeting – The next meeting of the Parish Council will take place on Thursday ******2020 at The Barn at 8 pm.  The meeting closed at 9.17 pm.