Minutes 14th November 2019

2019-11-14 Minutes
DRAFT Minutes of the meeting of Baston Parish Council held on Thursday 14th November 2019 commencing at 8 pm
Present:    Cllrs:      A Hutchins, B Easey, P Fidler, L Gilliatt, J Kelly, D Morgan, D Moss, D Plant         
        District and County Cllr R Trollope-bellew
5 members of the public in attendance.
Open Forum – Cycle Path Baston to Market Deeping, Baston to Bourne – no funding, if more large developments condition could be put into planning.
145/19 Chairman’s Remarks – Cllr Hutchins welcomed everyone to the meeting.
146/19 Apologies for absence & reasons given –
147/19 Disclosure of Interests – None.
148/19 Co-option of Councillor(s) –
149/19 Minutes of the last meeting – It was resolved that the minutes of the last meeting held 10th October 2019 be approved and signed as a true and accurate record.  Proposed Cllr Easey, seconded Cllr Morgan – all in agreement (JK/DP abstained).  
150/19 Clerks report on matters outstanding –
Contact Lists – only Councillors names to be shown on lists.  
Request for Yellow Lines – letter sent to highways from Parish Council in support.
Street Light out on Brudenell Close – now fixed.
Ford KA parked in village – PCSO aware.
S19/1648 – application withdrawn.
S19/1585 – permission refused.
S19/0591 – permission granted.
S19/0465   - permission refused.
151/19 Planning –
S19/1944 – work needs to be carried out by a professional tree surgeon – concerns about degree of pruning (excessive) would like to see Tree Surgeons response – tree has TPO on it.  Proposed Cllr Hutchins, seconded Cllr Kelly – all in agreement.
PL/0158/19 Recycling Plant, Baston Outgang Road – no issues.
152/19 Finance –
    a) Report on balances and quarterly update.   Up to date spreadsheet circulated to all Cllrs prior to meeting
    b) Electronic Banking – relevant forms requested – agenda item for next meeting.
    c) Payments to be made:
    i) Wendy Gray, Parish Clerk – October £346.63 (S/O)
    ii) BDG Mowing (Main Street Verges October) - £380.00
    iii) Community Cleaner October £16.42
    iv) E Mort Village Tubs - £15.00
It was resolved that items (i) to (iv) be approved for payment.   Cllr Hutchins proposed, seconded Cllr Easey all in agreement.
Application for grant towards Speed Sign Project from Ward Member Grant Scheme from Cllr Trollope-bellew and Cllr Cooke have been successful.
153/19 BPFMC Funding Request (Sports Pitch Grasscutting and Marking) - to be discussed at next meeting (January).
154/19 Community Cleaner Vacancy – New Community Cleaner commenced work during October.  Parish Clerk to order further supply of orange bags.
155/19 Old Defibrillator – Response received from local Village Hall and Care Home unfortunately response was NO.  Advertise on website £350 ono, (will need to buy a cabinet to house), Deeping St Nicholas Parish Council – Parish Clerk to contact as they were looking for machine.
156/19 Highways –
Fireworks – need to sort out parking issues getting worse each year.  Where do they park?  Cllr Hutchins will bring up at next meeting of committee.
Speed Camera Training – could have been done in half the time, cost approx. £500 for everything (need 3 people at any given time) for camera/training/paperwork/gun/clicker/signs.  Take speed plus 10%.  Someone using speed gun, someone taking registration/someone clicking traffic in both directions.  If speeding driver receives letter, information gets sent back to road safety partnership, only carry out in hours of daylight.  Main speeding area school and church (in and out).  Question does speed camera on A15 work (yes).  Agreed to assess what speed signs record over the next few months, see what data says then make decision if this is something we can do.
Street Lights – since changed clocks not coming on/going off – takes time for sensors to adjust.
Criminal damage to vehicles parked in layby (Websters Butchers) 5 cars vandalized.  Look at marking out bays for parking?   PCSO to be contacted for progress report.
Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership re Sign on A1175 at West Deeping – Cllr Hutchins forwarded email to Baston Events.
157/19 Grass cutting – Touched on subject at last meeting – we need to decide what if any grasscutting the Parish Council are going to be responsible for next year!
    • We do nothing - leave to SKDC/LCC 2 to 6 cuts year!
    • Look at what we have been doing this year!
    • Take over all grasscutting – only way of supporting is through the Precept!  
All agreed Grasscutting within the village in 2020 will be the same as it was in 2014-2018.
Church Street (new bungalow) chopped up all grass – Cllr Hutchins will advise Clerk who resident is for a letter to be written to them to reinstate.
158/19 Village Wild Flower Reservation – Invitation for Amanda Jenkins (Wildlife Trust) to February meeting.  Cllr Hutchins identified 2 areas which may be suitable both are in Aveland Way.
159/19 Village Concerns – Vandalism (see highways).
160/19 Street Furniture – seats - still awaiting quote from Steve – Cllr Gilliatt will follow up.  Silver Jubilee Noticeboard can be cleaned and repainted (do not have to replace) Parish Clerk to arrange for David/Andrew to meet up with Cllr Hutchins and Cllr Easey in the New Year to assess what renovation work needs to be done.
161/19 Allotments – Invoices sent out – 1 still to pay, 1 allotment available.
162/19 BT Kiosk 90 Day Consultation – Response from BT – Parish Clerk to advise SKDC of response.
163/19 Correspondence –
Detached Church Yard - Parish Council advised from PCC that could be reaching full capacity within next 3/4 years.
St John the Baptist Church – A Christmas Celebration of Creation 7th/8th December 2019.
164/19 Reports from Outside Bodies –
District and County – Double Yellow Lines on A15 layby – given backing for that to be looked into from Parish Council – copy of minutes to be forwarded to Cllr Trollope-bellew.
Lot of standing water on roads – LCC are now going to start digging out grips to relieve standing water.
Road side damage (worn away) collating information i.e. areas can be filled in when doing potholes.
King Street – looking at starting feasibility study road end.
Gritting on King Street – request road is gritted to be submitted to highways.
Big Clean (District) – LCC going to do something similar (potholes).
Deeping Festival – will continue next year.
BPFMC – Car Park just about ready to be re done, re levelled and re graveled (within next month).  Driveway looking at resurfacing, doing best to address problems.
Neighbourhood Panel – No meeting.
South Lincs – Fenland Partnership representative – meeting on Friday.
165/19 To agree items for the press release –
New Community Cleaner has now started.
The Parish Council has a recently serviced defibrillator for sale.
The Speed Signs are now back in use. 
Grasscutting within the village in 2020 will be the same as it was in 2014-2018.
Criminal damage occurring within the village is being investigated.
BT Kiosk - due to lack of use decision has been taken by BT - this kiosk will be removed in due course.
Detached Church Yard - Parish Council advised from PCC that could be reaching full capacity within next 3/4 years.
Due to Elections taking place on 12th December it has been decided that the Parish Council will not meet in December but will reconvene on Thursday 9th January 2020.
Please note email address for Parish Clerk - parishclerkbaston@gmail.com
Your Parish Councillors wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
166/19 To resolve whether the Council move into Closed Session – None.
167/19 Any Other Business – None.
168/19 Date of next meeting – The next meeting of the Parish Council will take place on Thursday 9th January 2020 at The Barn at 8 pm.  The meeting closed at 9.45 pm.