Draft Minutes March 2022



PRESENT. Councillors D.Plant, J.Kelly, B.Easey, G.Griffiths, P.Delmer, P.Redmore

3 members of the public were also in attendance.

County Cllr A Baxter arrived during the course of the meeting.

7.30 Public Forum - None.




  1. Chairman’s remarks

Cllr Plant welcomed everyone to the meeting.

  1. To receive and accept apologies where valid reasons for absence have been given to the Clerk prior to the meeting

Cllrs D.Moss, S.Moss.

Cllr Plant also advised that Dave Morgan had offered his resignation, which was accepted.Parish Clerk to advise SKDC and advertise vacancy.

  1. To receive declarations of interest under the localism Act 2011- being any pecuniary interest in agenda items not previously recorded on member’s Register of interests and any written requests for dispensation – None declared.
  1. To approve as a correct record, the notes of the meeting of the Council held on 10th February 2022 and to authorise the chairman to sign the official minutes - Following small amendment to be made minutes to be carried over to the next meeting (April) for approval.
  1. Reports from outside Bodies.

District – None.


BPFMC – Cllr Kelly attended last meeting – adult gymnasium being installed on Monday next consisting of 9 pieces of equipment.  Work should be completed in 1 day.  Investigating use of solar power in the barn, investigating signage re Cricket/Rugby etc.

Mr Polkinghorne, Secretary, Sustainable Stamford – was interested in project re pathway from Langtoft to Thurlby – this is something they had been looking at for Stamford (surrounding areas). 

  1. Clerk’s Report. – Nothing to report.
  1. Traffic calming consultant update – update on current situation received from Cllr S Moss to all Cllrs.
  1. Council Policies review - Parish Clerk circulated list of policies produced by LALC – agreed a couple would be circulated each month for Cllrs to peruse with a view to adopting in due course.
  1. GDPR Privacy policy Update - to be picked up from list (under item 8).
  1. Litter bins update – bins now being emptied by a company called Pet Waste (4 bins on a 4 weekly cycle).  All agreed excellent.
  1. Financial Matters

Treasurer’s a/c – paperwork sorted, awaiting confirmation from Bank.

To approve payments

Community Cleaner

Pet Waste Solutions emptying Dog Bins

Cole Easdon Traffic Survey

  1. Highways – 2nd speed sign damaged, need to sort, cost of repair etc.  Cllr Plant will obtain quotes.
  1. Grass cutting quote for 2022 from BDG mowing contractor – quote accepted, agreement for them to carry on for this next financial year.  Community Cleaner asked if contractor could leave about 6 inches on edge of dyke (this would help with stopping litter blowing into the dyke).  Parish Clerk to contact BDG with request.
  1. Planning and Development to be considered – 23 Colton Close (appeal submitted).
  1. Village concerns –

Newsletter/Website – Cllr Delmer looking at various websites, if we change would anyone be interested in taking on?

Amount of cars parking on road outside Playing Field during the daytime!

Children and adults riding electric scooters along Main Street (it is illegal if riding on the road).

Cycle Path between Langtoft and Thurlby – Cllr Plan will write to the two Parish Councils to get their views.

  1. Allotments – currently no issues.  Waiting list of 3.
  1. Correspondence – None.
  1. To agree items for press release –

Annual Parish Meeting 14 April

Traffic Survey 1 Report through will make public once all information back.

Cycle Path from Langtoft to Thurlby

Revitalising Website

Looking for new councillors – currently 3 vacancies.

  1. To resolve whether the Council move into Closed session – there was no necessity to move into closed session.
  1. Any matters for general discussion or inclusion in next agenda.


  1. Date of next meeting – Thursday 14th April 2022 Annual Parish Meeting commencing at 7 p.m. followed by normal Parish Council Meeting.