Minutes June 2021

Minutes of Baston Parish Council Meeting held on 10th June 2021

Present: Cllrs Plant, Moss, Easey, Kelly, Morgan, Kelly and Griffiths.   District Cllrs K Cooke and R Trollope-bellew

Public Forum – no members of the public in attendance.

  1. Chairman’s Remarks – David Plant welcomed everyone to the meeting.


  1. Apologies for absence & reasons given – Cllr Palmer.


  1. Disclosures of interest - (Cllrs are reminded of their obligation under the Code of Conduct pecuniary Interest) – Cllr Moss re prospective new councilor.


  1. Reports from Village Organisations – Nick Rickett, Chairman of Baston Events attended to give an update on what had been happening over the last 12 months.  2019 lost Baston in the Blitz.  19800 given to various organisations within or connected to the village.  2020 still gave donations of 9000.


  1. Co-option of Councillor(s) –

Barbara Cullimore, Tricia Hearne and Steve Moss in attendance as prospective new councilors – all live in the village and meet the requirements lad own by SKDC.  All gave a very brief summary of why they would like to join the Parish Council.  Existing councillors were in agreement that the above named be co-opted on to the Parish Council.  Declarations of Acceptance of Office and DPI forms were duly completed and given to the Parish Clerk.


  1. To agree Minutes of the last meeting held on 20th May 2021 – Cllr Kelly proposed minutes reflected a true and accurate record of meeting, seconded Cllr Griffiths, all in agreement.


  1. Clerk’s report on matters outstanding –

Parish Clerk reported 2 letters had been sent out following May meeting re parking issues.  One resident responded by speaking with Cllr Plant just prior to meeting, Cllr Plant agreed to contact SKDC with their issues.

Planning Application re 18 Thetford Avenue – Refused.


  1. Planning applications received since last meeting –

S21/1011 – Residential Development to rear of No. 23 Colton Close.  One resident had emailed Parish Clerk with their concerns.  Who owns land, how do we find out, previous application refused, cannot be considered as infill development. It was agreed that all Councillors would produce a combined response to be forwarded Planning.  Response Tobe drafted by 18th June.


  1. Finance - Reports on balances to date – Income and Expenditure report circulated prior to meeting.

Payments approved:

Wendy Gray, Parish Clerk Salary £346.63 SO

S Holmshaw Community Cleaner April/May £237.72

BDG Mowing (May) £560.00

D Knibbs  Emptying Dog Bins (March/April/May) £260.00


Noticeboard – Contractor to be asked if lettering could be done in Gold Paint (to

make more visible).


Melton Mowbray Building Society Account – have been contacted, new forms to be obtained.


  1. Highways – Concern re Lorries (Section 106) and what can be done.   Looking at traffic calming issues and what funding can be obtained.  Cllr Plant advised by District Cllrs to contact Ashley Baxter, Lincolnshire County Councillor for this area and look at asking for Highways Officer to visit.


  1. Grasscutting – May cut completed.  Base of trees – BDG have strimmed before, can we make a request for this to be done?


  1. Village Concerns – Manor Drive – Cllr Easey produced photos of area – in a terrible mess – as comes under SKDC Cllr Trollope-bellew took photos to pass on to appropriate section within SKDC to sort.


Street Racing appears to be taking place near Nature Reserve.


  1. Street Furniture – Noticeboard completed – see above re request for gold lettering.


  1. Allotments – all allotments now taken.  Waiting list of three.


  1. Correspondence – all circulated - Police Report.


  1. Reports from Outside Bodies (max 5 mins):

District Councillors

  • We have had a very successful Arts around Town & Village events during half term.  This took place in the 4 towns plus larger villages.  It provided entertainment for all ages and was a way of bringing art to the more rural areas of the district.  The team were interviewed at Stamford for BBC Lincolnshire.
  • The Stamford Arts Centre (SAC) Box office has re-opened for counter bookings 10am – 2pm. The work on the SAC roof is completed apart from a few snagging items, next will be ballroom which will receive a lick of paint.
  • Bourne Corn Exchange (BCE) has resumed its Sunday Carvery. The County Council will be moving their Registrar’s Office, which will be adjacent to the Library entrance, with its own separate entrance/exit.
  • SKDC received an award of £90k from Historic England towards delivery of a cultural programme – all part of the Grantham Historic Action Zone. 
  • Our outdoor markets have been a success of this dreadful pandemic and have proved that people still want to attend and purchase goods this way.  It is pleasing to see that all traders are allowed back, with a number of start-up businesses also using the market as their first step on the business ladder.
  • An event was held at Grimsthorpe Castle, who had teamed up with Fawcett Driving horses to provide carriage rides during the summer. It was held at the end of English Tourism Week and proved very popular with families who were able to explore the park and Castle.  Fawcett Driving Horses benefited from a grant administered by InvestSK and used the money to set up the business.
  • This year again we are running a photo competition runs between May to July it is about “HOW LIFE HAS CHANGED DUE TO LOCKDOWN” has £50 PRIZE MONEY AND PHOTOS WILL BE displayed at the Arts centres.

BPFMC Representative – no update.


Neighbourhood Panel – nothing happening.


South Lincs Fenland Partnership representative – no update.


  1. To agree items for the press release

New Councillors

Traffic Issues


  1. Any Other Business – items to be placed onto next month’s (July 2021) agenda.

Invite Nick Chapman to July meeting.


  1. Date of the next meeting(s): Parish Council Meeting, Thursday 22nd July 2021 at The Barn commencing at 7.30 p.m.


The meeting closed at 9.35 pm.