Minutes July 2021

Baston Parish Council Meeting

Thursday 22nd July 2021 at 7.30pm


Present: Cllrs Plant, D. Moss, Morgan, S. Moss, Griffiths and Hearne. 

Public Forum: no members of the public in attendance.

  1. Chairman’s Remarks

Cllr Plant welcomed everyone to the meeting.

The resignation of newly appointed Cllr Cullimore was noted.  Cllrs discussed the need for induction, training and support for newly appointed Councillors to help them settle into the role and to ensure they fully understand the scope of the role.

Action – WG to prepare an induction process for new Councillors – linking in with LALC where necessary.

  1. Apologies for absence & reasons given

Clerk – Wendy Gray (illness) and Cllr Kelly (travel) – both accepted.

Cllr D. Moss agreed to take minutes in the Clerk’s absence.


Cllr Easey did not attend – no apology registered.

*Cllr Palmer has now not attended for at least the last 4 meetings. **To be discussed.

  1. Disclosures of Interest.

(Cllrs were reminded of their obligation under the Code of Conduct pecuniary Interest) – No interests declared for items on the agenda.

  1. Co-option of Councillors.

There were no new appointments.

  1. Minutes of the last meeting on 10th June 2021.

The minutes were discussed and accepted as a true record.

     (DP proposed and GG seconded, all in agreement)

Cllrs unanimously agreed that any actions on future minutes should be displayed at the end of the relevant item, in bold, to make follow up on progress at the next meeting easier.

Action – Cllrs asked WG to adopt this revised approach for capturing and tracking actions.

  1. Clerk’s Report – Action Update/Matters Outstanding.

There was no report from the Clerk, due to illness.

Follow up on all matters to be provided at the next meeting.

  1. Planning.

PL/0082/20 (New Gravel Extraction – King Street)

Recent developments with the application were discussed in detail. It was noted that including the use of Greatford Rd for access in the application was a technical error.

Cllrs discussed again the now pressing need for a 7.5T weight limit in the village and asked what progress has been made with seeking this.

             Action – Cllrs asked that WG provide them with a copy of the last letter/email sent to RTB    

             raising the need for a 7.5T limit and to seek an update on what needs to be done to get this in  

             place as soon as possible.


The dangers of large numbers of heavy lorries using King St were again discussed at length, in particular the legal width requirement needed to allow two to pass each other safely. The most likely exit routes for lorries was also a point of concern. Cllrs raised significant safety issues about the development including the possible increase in accidents, particularly in poor weather/winter.


The issues of a significant increase in heavy vehicles driving through the village and also speeding cars were then discussed again.


Regarding speeding, Cllr Plant confirmed the data gathered by the traffic monitoring box and also that the speed limit reminder signs have been added to the Grey Bins and the reactionary speeding signs are being used again, in varied locations, but the problem still persists. Cllr Plant confirmed that a month ago Ashley Baxter, Lincolnshire County Councillor was approached and also the Highways Officer was invited out to observe the traffic at peak times but has not attended as yet.


The Parish Council approaches at South Luffenham and Long Bennington were discussed and it was agreed that persistence of approach is critical to getting these matters addressed. Examples of a combined funding approach to measures, between the Parish and District Councils were noted.

Action – Cllrs asked that WG contact the Parish Council in the Cambridgeshire area of Long Bennington to seek advice on securing traffic calming measures and the best locations.

The options of using Doodle Poll or another poll via Facebook along with paper questionnaires to seek community views were discussed.  Cllrs agreed that in the first instance the following question (or very similar) should be posed.

‘Would you support better traffic calming measures in our village – Yes or No?’


Action – DP & Cllrs to petition the local community on progressing traffic calming measures.


Action – WG/DP to invite a specialist to talk about traffic calming at the September or October meeting, starting the meeting at 7pm to allow for this.


  1. Finance.

     Reports on balances to date – Income and Expenditure report circulated prior to meeting.

     Payment details provided.

     Both noted with no further questions.


  1. Highways.

Concerns re increased Lorries (Section 106/7.5T limit) and Traffic Calming.

Previous item on planning for Gravel extraction picked up on these matters – see item 7.


Surface Dressing

Cllrs discussed the state that the village main road has been left in after recent surface dressing with two different colours of tar and chippings were used on opposite carriageways plus around a parked vehicle near to the playing fields.

Cllrs agreed that as this work has been done with tax-payers money, in a historic village then it should be put right. Quality assurance measures with the contractor should have been in place to address this, under any procurement contract, without further cost to the council.

The issue has been raised by Cllr Plant.  Cllr Moss also confirmed she has raised it formally.


Cllr Hearne raised concerns about the uneven state of the pavement on the opposite side to the Church on Church Street, near to the shop. This is a safety issue particularly in relation to anyone using a wheelchair or unsteady on their feet.

Action – Cllrs asked that WG raise the need for the pavement repair with the District Council.

  1. Grass cutting.


             Base of trees – BDG have strimmed these areas before and Cllrs requested at the last meeting that   

             this is done regularly.

Action – Cllrs asked WG to update on discussions with the contractor regarding strimming the base of trees and edges of grassed areas, where needed.

An issue has been raised with WG by a resident at No 57 Main Street as the area keeps getting missed from the cutting.

Action – Cllrs asked WG to pursue the missing grass cuts with the contractor and update at the next meeting.

            Cllrs noted that the overgrown hedge on Aveland Way has now been addressed.

No other issues with grass cutting raised.

  1. Village Concerns

Geese and Ducks being killed by cars on Outgang Road.

This is causing upset amongst residents and calls for something to be done are growing.

At least 4 groups of large birds have been killed in recent months.

As the road passes through a nature reserve with water areas on both sides of the road, the risk of such incidents is high, particularly in Spring & Summer.


Cllr Plant confirmed that he has 5 small yellow signs to install on the approach from both directions to the area in question. Cllrs discussed the Health & Safety considerations in respect of the installation of the signs and agreed that the posts should be only approx. 3 feet high and made of light weight material, firmly placed into the ground and removed in winter – all to help mitigate any risk in relation to vehicles hitting the signs.


Cllr Moss also confirmed that she has approached Amanda Jenkins at Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust to see if they can offer advice on measures to take or offer funding for any measures under their grants.

Obscured Line of Sight – Main Junction

The fir tree obscuring the driver’s line of sight to the right on the A15, at the junction as you approach the village centre from Greatford Rd, was discussed again.  Cllrs agreed that this should be addressed to do whatever is possible to improve safety at this busy junction.

Action – Cllrs asked that WG prepare a letter to the homeowner/tenant asking that the tree is trimmed in width or removed entirely and offering to assist with the cost in relation to this.

Speed Signs – Greatford Rd

Cllrs discussed the installation issues faced with using the reactive speed signs on Greatford Rd and the Health & Safety risks involved. Cllr Plant advised where the signs currently are placed.

  1. Street Furniture

Nil to report.

  1. Allotments

Nil to report.

  1. Correspondence – all circulated.

*Letter from resident – previously covered.


Jubilee Celebrations 2022

BPFMC have indicated they do not wish to be involved in any Jubilee event (other than provision of the facilities) and that they wish to run the Summer Fete as a separate event.

Cllrs discussed the ways in which the Jubilee could be celebrated including a series of events around the village such as stalls, live music, beacons etc. and all agreed that a joint organizing committee – with the Church and Baston Events would perhaps be the best way forward so that a whole village approach could be taken. This could be a temporary committee where no one body has to lead.

Action – Cllrs agreed to add the Jubliee Celebrations to the agenda for the September meeting – (WG)

Cllr S Moss agreed to update the BPFMC on discussions.

  1. Reports from Outside Bodies (max 5 mins):

            District Councillors - Not in attendance.

BPFMC Representative – Not in attendance.

Neighbourhood Panel – No report.

South Lincs Fenland Partnership Representative – No report.

  1. To agree items for the press release
  • Signs to try to protect the Geese and Ducks
  • Speeding in the village.
  • Quarry planning application – concerns about increased heavy lorries, width of road, using village roads.
  • Traffic Calming for the village – seeking views.
  1. Closed Session

Not Needed.

  1. Any Other Business

Nothing further.

Action – Carried forward - WG to Invite Nick Chapman to Sept or October meeting.

  1. Date of the next meeting:

             Parish Council Meeting, Thursday 9th September 2021 at The Barn commencing at 7.00 p.m.

** earlier start than normal – see previous.

 The meeting closed at 9.40 pm.

              Clerked by Cllr D Moss.