Minutes October 2021

Baston Parish Council Meeting

Thursday 14th October 2021 at 7.30pm


Present: Cllrs Plant, D. Moss, Morgan, S. Moss, Easey

Public Forum: no members of the public in attendance.

            1. Chairmans Remarks

Cllr Plant welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Cllr D Moss agreed to Clerk the meeting.


The resignation on health grounds of Tricia Hearne was noted.  Cllrs thanked Cllr Hearne for her support and wished her well. Cllr Plant mentioned a prospective Cllr (Richard), yet to apply.


Cllrs agreed that a letter should be sent inviting representatives from the local Church and schools to sit on the Parish Council.


Action - Invitation Letter to be prepared and sent and advertisement for Councillors to be re-run. - Cllr. D Moss


Cllrs again discussed the need for induction, training and support for newly appointed Councillors to help them settle into the role and to ensure they fully understand the scope of the role.


Action – Clerk (when appointed) to prepare an induction process for new Councillors – linking in with LALC where necessary.


            2. Apologies:

            Cllrs Griffiths and Kelly. 

            Clerk – Wendy Gray (illness)

            Cllr. Palmer did not attend, with no apologies.

            Action - Chair to write to Mr Palmer confirming that he is no longer a serving                            Councillor (Clerk had previous action to write)


3. Disclosures of Interest.


(Cllrs were reminded of their obligation under the Code of Conduct pecuniary Interest) –

No interests declared for items on the agenda.

4. Co-option of Councillors.


There were no new appointments.


5. Minutes of the last meeting on 9th September 2021.


The minutes were discussed and accepted as a true record.

     (Cllr Plant proposed and Cllr Morgan seconded, all in agreement)



     6. Clerks Report – Action Update/Matters Outstanding.


There was no report from the Clerk for a second month, due to illness.


**Follow up on all matters from the last two meetings to be provided at the November meeting.



7. Planning.


Outstanding Action from Previous Minutes


PL/0082/20 (New Gravel Extraction – King Street)


Action – Cllrs asked that the Clerk provide them with a copy of the last letter/email sent to Rosemary Trollope Bellew raising the need for a 7.5T limit for the village and to seek an update on what needs to be done to get this in place, as soon as possible.

Action remains live - update from Clerk needed.







Considered and no objections raised.


Cllr Plant drew attention to the letter from Cemex requesting a meeting with the PC to discuss a proposed planning application in relation to sites on Outgang Rd which would see further extraction for up to a year.


Cllrs discussed the existing significant concerns about traffic management in and near the village and agreed that this should be raised with Cemex and their financial support sought in relation to adding traffic calming, as a good will gesture, from a corporate social responsibility and community support perspective.


Action - Chair to write and invite Cemex to the November meeting.




8. Finance.


     Reports on balances to date – Income and Expenditure report circulated prior to meeting.


     Payment details provided.


     Both noted with no further questions.




     Changes to Parish Council Bank Account


     Cllr Plant highlighted that the account still needs to be transferred to him as the new                                Chair and that other countersignatures are needed.


     Action - Clerk to work with the Chair to organise the documentation necessary to                           organise the transfer of the bank account from the previous Chair to the current.



     Action - Additional counter signatories to be added to the account - Vice Chair plus                        another.





     Cllr Plant raised the issue of billing for Zoom that has rolled on automatically from last year                     and been taken from the card of the previous Chair.  They have asked the Parish Council for          reimbursement.


     Cllrs agreed that for financial probity the PC could not directly reimburse the previous                     Chair. The previous Chair should contact Zoom to cancel and if there is a delay in                           reimbursement then approach the card provider to raise a dispute.


     Action - Chair to update previous Chair and to also contact Zoom to verify that the                         previous Chair no longer needs the Zoom account and to ask that they reimburse him.



9. Highways.


Action – Cllrs asked that the Clerk raise the need for the pavement repair on Church Street, near to the shop, with the District Council.

Action remains live for update from Clerk.


The now pressing need for traffic calming measures in the village was then discussed again with many examples of both excessive speed and very heavy vehicles coming through the village shared. 

Cllrs also discussed the significant traffic congestion at school times, at the main junction to the A15 and the difficulties accessing that road to leave the village without traffic lights.

For a small village with a Primary and Secondary school the current measures are deemed inadequate. Cllrs noted again that there are many villages without schools in the local area with effective traffic calming in place along with access weight limits and that even Market Deeping as a town has a 7.5T restriction.


Cllrs agreed that action on this matter needs to now be accelerated.


Agreed actions;


Action - Chair to write to District Councillor Ashley Baxter and to Martin Hill Head of Lincolnshire County Council expressly raising these concerns and asking for measures to be introduced.


Action - Chair to write to Enduramax and the re-cycling company on Baston Outgang Rd asking for their support in reducing the increasing number of large vehicles using the village for access to the A15. (Reminding them of any clauses already in place - 106).


Action - Cllr S Moss to seek a Traffic Management Specialist to come and speak with the Parish Council and to then help identify the best measures for the village.


Action - Cllr D Moss to put an advert out to the local community sites and notice board asking for volunteers to be trained to undertake community speed checks.


Action - Cllr Easey to make enquiries about securing a 20mph speed limit for the village.


Action - Cllr. Morgan to make enquiries into the Highways Improvement Scheme in Lincolnshire County Council and seek support for our traffic calming plans.



Sign Error


Cllr Easey raised communication received about a sign to the Starsmore estate being installed on the wrong side of the road and that this will prevent medical services and others from seeing how to access easily, Cllr. Plant advised that Cllr. Kelly has been involved in this and asked that Cllr Kelly pursue getting this addressed.


Action - Chair to speak with Cllr. Kelly regarding addressing the location of the Starsmore signage.


10. Grass cutting.


ActionCllrs asked the Clerk to update on discussions with the contractor regarding strimming the base of trees and edges of grassed areas, where needed.

Action remains live due to absence.

DM agreed to now seek a price from Elderwood Tree Care on 15th Nov.


No other issues with grass cutting were raised.



11. Village Concerns


Nil to report


12. Street Furniture

Nil to report.


13. Allotments

Renewal notices issued.  Clerk to update at the November meeting.


14. Correspondence – all circulated.


Cemex - Planning

Previous Chair re Zoom


15. Reports from Outside Bodies


District Councillors - Not in attendance. Reports shared.

BPFMC Representative – Not in attendance.

Neighbourhood Panel - No report

South Lincs Fenland Partnership Representative – No report.


16. Items for the press release


  • Advert for Clerk
  • Advert for Councillors
  • Traffic calming /Speeding in the village.
  • Cemex planning application

Developing Traffic Management Plan for village in light of concerns about increased

speeding, heavy lorries, width of road..




17. Closed Session


Not Needed.



18. Any Other Business


Nothing further.



19. Date of the next meeting:


Parish Council Meeting, Thursday 11th November 2021 via Zoom






Clerked by Cllr D Moss.