Minutes December 2021



PRESENT: Councillors D. Plant, J. Kelly, P.Delmer, G.Griffiths, D.Morgan, D.Moss, S.Moss.  

             Clerks to the Council:  W. Gray, K.Pryke

7.15pm, PUBLIC FORUM.  2 members of public in attendance. 1. A member of the Parish expressed concern regarding trees overhanging the bus shelter on the high street and an excess of grass cuttings and rubbish been dumped in the layby.

2. A parish member expressed concern regarding trees at perimeter of the school property being vary tall and hanging over neighbouring properties.

Action. The Council will seek legal advice and write to the school concerning the trees.




  1. Chairman’s remarks.

Cllr Plant welcomed everyone to the meeting.


  1. Apologies for absence with reasons accepted.

Cllr Easey – Accepted.

District Cllrs K Cook and R Trollope-Bellew

  1. Disclosures of interest.
  1. Co-option of Councillor(s).

Cllr Phil Redmore was co-opted onto the Council.

  1. Minutes of the last meeting held on 11th November 2021.

Proposed, Seconded and Resolved that the minutes be signed as a true and accurate record by the Chairman.

  1. Clerk’s report on matters outstanding.

Clerk advised that emails had been forwarded to Councillors re updates (even though she had not been able to attend meetings) for insurance - Grasscutting Contractor contacted re areas missed – who responded that if residents have cut the grass prior to their visit they will not go over (grass too short).

Request for Contractor to cut basal growth of trees – response they do not touch trees!


  1. Planning.

S21/2365 - No comment.

S20/0452 - Objection due to potential for adding to access problems on main street repeated from last consultation.


Baston Parish Council wish to make representations re the above application on the following grounds:


Our response to S19/0465 12th April 2019 (below) still stands in particular reference to potential increase in volumes of traffic which is of major concern to residents within Baston.


We would again request that application is put before a Full Planning Committee.


Wendy Gray

Parish Clerk


12th April 2019 response:


1. Density of the proposed housing development.  We believe that 4 new houses would be more appropriate to the existing neighbouring residences than the 6 houses as proposed.


2. Privacy.  The close proximity of proposed houses C and D to No. 3 Rous Court would undoubtedly create privacy issues for the existing residents. Similarly, house E would create privacy issues for No.40 Main Street.


3. Japanese Knot weed.  This highly persistent and invasive plant may not have been completely eradicated from the proposed building plot of house E.


4. Additional traffic volume created by vehicles owned by the residents of the new build (typically 2 vehicles per household) would add to the existing congestion already experienced on Main Street at Baston crossroads particularly at peak periods during the day.


5. Probability of additional primary school-aged children further stretching the already over-stretched capacity of Baston CE Primary School.


6. We would request application is put before a full planning committee.


S21/2350 – No comment.

  1. Traffic Consultant.

Cllr S. Moss reported on the progress of Traffic calming projects within the Parish:

Current issues: Access during rush hour, Speeding, HGVs driving through the Parish.

Works already completed: A Pelican crossing has been erected. Speed indication lights have been erected.

It was Proposed, Seconded and Resolved that the council would commission a traffic calming consultant from Cole Eastern to carry out a speed survey within the Parish at an initial cost of £ 2595 IN ACCORDANCE WITH HIGHWAYS ACT 1980 s.274a. POWERS TO CONTRIBUTE FINANCIALLY TO TRAFFIC CALMING SCHEMES.

              Cllr S.Moss to contact Cole Eastern.

  1. New Parish Clerk.

The new parish clerk, Kevin Pryke was introduced to and welcomed by the council.


  1.  Finance.
  1. Following discussion regarding the setting of the new precept level it was proposed, seconded and resolved by unanimous vote that a 3.5% increase should be applied to the previous precept level.
  2. Reports on balances to date were circulated prior to the meeting.
  3. Payments to be made:

Parish clerk salary(December),

Parish clerk expenses,

D Knibbs- emptying dog bins

Proposed, seconded and resolved that payments as presented be made.


  1.  Highways.
  1.  Grass Cutting.
  1.  Village Concerns.
  1.  A Buddleia tree adjacent to the A15 is causing an obstruction.

ACTION. Chairman has volunteered to prune it.

  1. Discussion took place regarding the general condition of the trees within the parish; the trees on Main Street need new shoots around the base of the trees removing. There is a willow tree with a broken bough within the parish.  The question of who is responsible for the pollarding within the parish was raised.

ACTION. Clerk to contact SKDC/LCC to confirm ownership and responsibility for parish trees.

  1. A local resident’s trees need attention.

ACTION. Clerk to contact owner.


  1.  Street furniture: Emptying of 4 large dog bins.

It was noted that the current provision for emptying the parish dog waste bins would be coming to an end shortly. A possible alternative was suggested and it was agreed that this would be looked into.

ACTION. Clerk to investigate alternative arrangements.


  1.   Allotments.

No current issues.


  1.  Correspondence. 

A speculative letter was received by the clerk promoting the provision of extra curricula sports activities for the parish children during school holidays.


  1.  Outside Bodies
  1. County Councillor/ District Councillor.

Not present.

  1. BPFMC representative.

The playing field is currently experiencing mole problems, The field is going to be re-seeded.

The Playground equipment is undergoing a programme of cleaning/ updating/ repair.


  1.  To Agree Items for press release.

* Announce new Clerk.

* Thank The outgoing Clerk for her service to the Parish.

* Update on traffic calming progress.

* Information about Precept increase.


  1.  To resolve whether the Council move into closed session.

Closed session was not required.


  1.  Any other business to be added to the next meeting agenda.
  1. Fallen war grave headstones.
  2. Main graveyard access problems.
  3. Update on Baston Naturehood initiative.
  4. Did Baston apply for any trees in the recent treescapes fund initiative?

ACTION. Clerk to investigate and report.

  1.  Date of next meeting.


  1.  Public forum.

No comments.

  1.  Meeting Closed at 9.45 pm.



 Kevin Pryke.

 Clerk to the council.