Minutes 10th May 2018

2018-05-10 Minutes
Minutes of the meeting of Baston Parish Council held on Thursday 10th May 2018 at The Barn @ 20.00hrs.  
Present:    Cllrs:      J Affleck (Chairman)        A Hutchins    P Barnes    
            L Gilliatt            P Fidler    
The meeting opened at 8.20 p.m.
Open Forum – None.
30/18 Chairman’s Remarks – The Chairman welcomed everyone to meeting.
31/18 Apologies for absence & reasons given – Cllrs B Easey,  J Kelly
32/18 Disclosure of Interests – None
33/18 Application to become a member of Baston Parish Council – keep as an agenda item.
34/18 Minutes of the last meeting – It was resolved that the minutes of the last meeting held 12th April 2018 be approved and signed as a true and accurate record.  Proposed Cllr Hutchins seconded Cllr Barnes - JA/PF/LG in favour.
35/18 Clerks report on matters outstanding –
Layby – no further update received since last meeting – Parish Clerk to copy in Cllr R Trollope-Bellew on chase up emails.
S106 Monies re ladders etc – no further update received since last meeting – Parish Clerk to copy in Cllr R Trollope-Bellew on chase up emails.
SKDC Tree Works – confirmation that some works have been done on trees located at the back of Maltby Drive/Whattoff Way which included crown lifts and self set removal.  Parish Clerk to further enquire about trees on
2 reports to be added to APM i.e. BAGS and Baston Rainbows.
Greatford Road, Rats – SKDC Neighbourhood Team visited site, no sign but have laid down necessary traps.  Parish Clerk to advise resident who reported problem.
36/18 Planning –
S18/0741 – Prior approval for the change of use of agricultural building to a dwelling house (C3) and for associated operational development at Kates Bridge Poultry Farm, Deeping Road, Baston PE6 9NT – no representations to make.
S18/0574 – Replacement of metal framed windows with Architectural Bronze Casements at The Old Hall, 32 Church Street, Baston PE6 9PE – not sure if listed building – no representations to make.
Cllr Hutchins proposed, seconded Cllr Affleck, all in favour LG/PF/PB that response to AKDC planning on the above 2 planning applications – Baston Parish Council have no representations to make.
37/18 Finance –
    a) Report on balances and quarterly update – Financial Reports emailed to all Cllrs prior to meeting.
    b) Income – Precept £12,672.00.
    c) Payments made:
    i) Wendy Gray, Parish Clerk – May £346.63
    ii) Wendy Gray, Parish Clerk Expenses - £38.39
    iii) Abbie Burt – Community Cleaner April - £112.50
    iv) Community Lincs Insurance Renewal - £376.95
    v) LALC Local Council Review Publication 1 copy - £17.50
    vi) Welland & Deepings Internal Drainage Board - £3.66
It was resolved that items (i) to (vi) be approved for payment.
38/18 - Highways – No new issues.  Layby – someone nearly involved in accident on leaving the layby!
39/18 Village Concerns – None.
40/18 Street Furniture – awaiting paperwork of how far project has got.  Parish Clerk to re request relevant paperwork to enable us to progress.  If no paperwork received Cllr Affleck will move project forward.
Cllr Cooke advised may be able to supply (bench) refurbished from SKDC.
41/18 Allotments – 2 new requests for allotments received – re start waiting list.
Reports of 2 allotments needing attention – both allotments holders have been ill and will be looking at tidying them up asap.
State of grass between plots – Cllr Easey mows these areas.
Request from Allotment Group to use part of an allotment to house shed for use as a central storage area?  Response: Greater levels of cost, increase service charge – happy to buy them a shed!
Request to be made to P Fidler – Mayfield Garden Allotments – requesting if any allotments available for others in the village to use on this site?
42/18 Correspondence –
Request to promote Barrowden PC
Forthcoming roadworks
GDPR and Data Protection Bill
Highways Meeting (A15 junction Waterside)
Proposed Farm Developments
Parking issues Bede Road
Response re Cllr Vacancy (Parish Clerk to double check criteria on area) – request from candidate motivations/experience
Defibrillator – several chase ups sent to emas nhs in trying to establish when will be put back
43/18 Reports from Outside Bodies –
District/County Cllr R Trollope-Bellew – LCC adopted new CEO (Keith Ireland) from Southampton.  Still trying to talk to government re further funding.  Pot holes – lack of repairs.  Meeting re A15 awaiting a new date.  20 mph at School – not feasible, who is going to police it etc, would only be advisory and will not happen at this moment in time.  Now commenced with Food Waste Scheme trial 12 months in certain areas.
District Cllr K Cooke – contract with Glendale for a year – will now take back in house.
Ward Cllr Fund £1000 - £50/£100 – Cllr Trollope-Bellew will put item in Baston News.
Baston No. 1 Footpath – time scale not until first occupation of any dwelling.  Meeting sometime ago with Larkfleet re specification .  Cllr Cooke will go back to District and email contact at Larkfleet for further update on what was agreed and report back to Parish Council.
Approved local plan to form consultation – going to cabinet on 24th and will then go out to public consultation.
BPFMC – approached by Baston Tennis Club re contribution towards tennis court cleaning.  Baston Events have contributed 75% towards cost, BPFMC agreed to contribute 25% - £270  - never been cleaned before.
Village Fete – Sunday 10th June.
Question – has any further work been done on accruing monies on behalf of BPFMC by the Parish Council?  – No further progress to date.
Neighbourhood Panel – no report.
South Lincs – no report.
44/18 To agree items for the press release – Vacancies on Council (wording to LG), BPFMC Event – contact AH if want to help out on the day or take part in dog show, date of next meeting.
45/18 To resolve whether the Council move into Closed Session – None.
46/18 Any Other Business – None.
47/18 Date of next meeting – Thursday 14th June 2018 at The Barn at 8 pm.
The meeting closed at 9.355 p.m.