Minutes 13th September 2018

2018-09-13 Minutes
Minutes of the meeting of Baston Parish Council held on Thursday 13th September 2018 at The Barn @ 20.00hrs.  
Present:    Cllrs:      A Hutchins            J Kelly        B Easey
            J Affleck            P Fidler    
        District Cllr K Cooke            District & County Cllr R Trollope-Bellew
No members of the public in attendance.
PCSO in attendance – nothing to report for Baston.
Open Forum – None.
85/18 Chairman’s Remarks – The Chairman welcomed everyone to meeting.  
86/18 Apologies for absence & reasons given – Cllrs P Barnes and L Gilliatt, District Cllr K Cooke
87/18 Disclosure of Interests – None
88/18 Application to become a member of Baston Parish Council - No new applications.  Leave as an agenda item.
89/18 Minutes of the last meeting – It was resolved that the minutes of the last meeting held 12th July 2018 be approved and signed as a true and accurate record.  Proposed Cllr Hutchins, seconded Cllr Kelly - PF in favour, 2 abstentions BE/JA.
90/18 Clerks report on matters outstanding –
Driveway (over culvert) – although planning have been contacted and asked to investigate no response received.  
S15/0111 Outgang Road – Enforcement confirmed water appears to have been drained off – currently with Legal Team.
S18/1230 - Single Storey Extension, Hadrian House – planning permission granted.
S18/0741 – Change of use, Kates Bridge Poultry Farm – approval granted.
S17/1385 –Pair of detached one and half storey dwellings, Stop Gap Cottage – permission refused.
91/18 Planning –
S18/1503 and Highways/Local Flood Authority Notification at 12 Greatford Road – no issues re flooding, no observations to make.  Proposed Cllr Hutchins, seconded Cllr Affleck, all in favour no representations to make on above applications.
Thurlby Neighbourhood Plan – no observations.
Baston – continuing - when have time and commitment to move forward.  
92/18 Finance –
    a) Report on balances and quarterly update.
    b) Income received – £1599 (Larkfleet monies leftover)
    c) Payments made:
    i) Wendy Gray, Parish Clerk – August/September  £346.63 x2
    ii) Abbie Burt – Community Cleaner August - £93.96
    iii) BDG Mowing Contractors - Grass cutting/Removing lower branches from Trees  July/August - £1,475.00
    iv) J Kelly – Defib Parts - £216.65
    v) BPFMC Hall Hire - £100.00
    vi) LALC – Local Council Review Magazine -£17.50
It was resolved that items (i) to (vi) be approved for payment.
St John’s Church would like to install a tap in Churchyard, request for donation towards cost – agenda item for next meeting.
93/18 - Highways – should report to the parish No Speeding Problem – look at Speedwatch, need volunteers.
Trees – Cllr Kelly will check again for growth.
Layby – Parish Clerk to obtain further update.
Highways meeting 26th October at 12.30 (Nick Boles/John Hayes/Highways)
94/18 Village Concerns –
Cllr Trollope-Bellew met with 2 Baston residents re issues over building works in an advisory capacity.
Parent of child who goes to Kirkstone House School – why no appropriate road markings across footpath – reason this is a Private School.
Aveland Way has not been re grassed (thistles growing through).  Cllr Trollope-Bellew asked if photos could be taken and forwarded to her to follow up.
The Parish Council offer their thanks to Eileen and Paul Mort for splendid work they do in maintaining the village tubs.
95/18 Street Furniture – Cllr Affleck now has details of who SKDC obtain street furniture from, still waiting for price list.
Noticeboard – it was agreed that we would repair 1 noticeboard only.
96/18 Allotments – Renewal notices sent out – 2 allotments holders not renewing.  Suggestion to contact all existing holders to see if anyone wants to move plots - then offer out to those on waiting list.
97/18 Correspondence –
Deepings West and Rural ED
SKDC Planning Consultation – Statement of Community Involvement
98/18 Reports from Outside Bodies –
SKDC – Given £100 to Tallington towards purchasing holographs of those that died from Tallington in WW1.
Food Waste scheme proving very successful.
Willow Tree Farm Wild Life Centre – attended interested presentation on bees.
Cinema Grantham should be open by Easter next year.
BPFMC – New storage facility, work continuing.
Neighbourhood Panel – no report.
South Lincs – no report.
99/18 To agree items for the press release – Cllr Vacancies/Planning/Street Furniture/Community Speedwatch.
100/18 To resolve whether the Council move into Closed Session – No.
101/18 Any Other Business – Tarmacing Footpath No. 1 (agreed) – County Council enquire when they are going to do it, make aware that footpath is unsuitable and cause damage.
102/18 Date of next meeting – The next meeting of the Parish Council will take place on Thursday 11th October 2018 at The Barn at 8 pm.  The meeting closed at 9.25 p.m.