Minutes 8th November 2018

2018-11-08 Minutes
Minutes of the meeting of Baston Parish Council held on Thursday 8th November 2018 at The Barn @ 20.00hrs.  
Present:    Cllrs:      A Hutchins            B Easey            J Kelly        
            J Affleck            P Fidler    
            District Cllr K Cooke and PCSO        
No members of the public in attendance.
Open Forum – None.
Update from PCSO – 1 report of hare coursing.  Biggest problem in area is scams.  Spate of vandalism mentioned this evening if anyone has any information to report via 101.
122/18 Chairman’s Remarks – The Chairman welcomed everyone to meeting.  
123/18 Apologies for absence & reasons given – Cllrs P Barnes, L Gilliatt, County Cllr R Trollope-bellew
124/18 Disclosure of Interests – None
125/18 Application to become a member of Baston Parish Council - No new applications.  Leave as an agenda item.
126/18 Minutes of the last meeting – It was resolved that the minutes of the last meeting held 11th October 2018 be approved and signed as a true and accurate record.  Proposed Cllr Hutchins, seconded Cllr Fidler - JA in favour, 2 abstentions BE/JK.
127/18 Clerks report on matters outstanding –
Driveway (over culvert) – no updated response received.  
S15/0111 Outgang Road – Enforcement confirmed water appears to have been drained off – with Legal Team.
S18/1591 – planning permission granted.
S18/1125 – planning permission granted.
128/18 Planning –
S18/1905 – first floor extension over existing side garage at 14 Chesham Drive, Baston.
S18/2042 – erection of annex, replacement garage, demolition of existing conservatory and erection of sun room at White House Farm, Cross Roads, Baston.
Cllr Hutchins proposed, seconded Cllr Affleck no representations to be made, all in favour.
129/18 Finance –
    a) Report on balances and quarterly update.
    b) St John’s Church would like to install a tap in Churchyard, request for donation towards cost – £56.40 - proposed Cllr Affleck, seconded Cllr Hutchins, all in favour that reimbursement of total cost be made..
    c) Payments made:
    i) Wendy Gray, Parish Clerk – November  £346.63
    ii) Abbie Burt – Community Cleaner October £113.53
    iii) BDG Mowing Contractors - Grass cutting/Removing lower branches from Trees – no invoice received for payment as yet (final cut carried out)
    iv) Royal British Legion Wreath – donation given £100 (mark centenary)
It was resolved that items (i) (ii) and (iv) be approved for payment.
130/18 – Proposal to acquire new defibrillator cabinet and equipment for the village – Cllr Affleck advised unable to progress at this stage (i.e. re withdrawal of SP1 units).
131/18 Highways – None.
132/18 Village Concerns – Request for help from resident re parking – established under highway code 243 resident advised to contact 101 when next problem occurs.
133/18 Street Furniture – work in progress.
134/18 Allotments – Cllrs Easey and Hutchins had carried out check on cleanliness of allotments.  Vacant allotments need some clearing up to be done.  Suggestion could Parish Council help with hire of skip, Cllr Easey happy to help clear.  Suggest letter sent to all allotment holders (with request for them to consider) the Parish Council would increase their allotment fee by £10 each year so that a skip can be put on site at end of each year for all rubbish to be cleared!!
Overgrown trees in need of cutting back – LCC highways to be advised work is required to be done by them.
135/18 Correspondence –
BSE&EWest – Urban highway verge cutting 2019/2020 – Baston Parish Council wish to stay in scheme – response to be sent.
Baston School Library Bus- agenda item for December meeting.
136/18 Reports from Outside Bodies –
County Councillor – Report received updating on surface Footpath No.1 – in view of content response from Parish Council to be sent to County Cllr:
    1. Non sealed surface is not acceptable!
    2. Why is it that LCC require different standards to SKDC?
Highways meeting on 9th November meeting 9.45 am outside the Church, Joint highways meeting in October resolved in regards to Baston a feasibility study will be done at the Kate’s Bridge/King Street junction in the near future.
District Councillor –
Cllr Cooke gave his report.
Clock is not working – has now stopped, awaiting someone to come out and have a look at it.
Vandalism experienced around play area and Barn. If anyone noticed anyone please phone 101 non-emergency line.  Debating about having CCTV installed i.e. cost etc.
Over the last 3 months the trustees of BPFMC have been in process of rewriting constitution, at last meeting unanimously agreed to adopt and has been submitted to Charity Commission to ratify.
SK Lottery – working well for the Barn.
Official budget submission to PC (final request).
Neighbourhood Panel – nothing to report.
South Lincs – next meeting 6th December.
137/18 To agree items for the press release –
The road serving the new Larkfleet estate in Baston is to be called “Starsmore Fields”.
Message from our PCSO - please be aware of email and telephone scams currently doing the rounds.
Vandalism carried out at the Barn - anyone who has any information please contact BPFMC.
Feasibility study at Kates Bridge/Waterside Junction to be carried out by LCC.
Allotment plots available for residents in the village - please contact the Parish Clerk for further
The Parish Council have supported the Church in replacing tap in Churchyard.
We will be discussing the Budget for 2019/2020 and agreeing precept at our meeting on 13th December. Any requests for funding to be submitted to the Parish Clerk by 5th December 2018. BPFMC has submitted a request for their annual field maintenance costs for mowing and pitch marking to be included in the next budgetary period.
138/18 To resolve whether the Council move into Closed Session – None.
139/18 Any Other Business – None.
140/18 Date of next meeting – The next meeting of the Parish Council will take place on Thursday 13th December 2018 at The Barn at 8 pm.  The meeting closed at 9.30 p.m.