Minutes 14th March 2019

2019-03-14 Minutes
Minutes of the meeting of Baston Parish Council held on Thursday 14th March 2019 at The Barn @ 20.00hrs. Present:    Cllrs:      A Hutchins    
        B Easey            J Kelly        
            J Affleck            P Fidler            L Gilliatt            
            Cllr R Trollope-bellew    
No members of the public in attendance.
Open Forum – None.
178/18 Chairman’s Remarks – The Chairman welcomed everyone to meeting.  
179/18 Apologies for absence & reasons given – Cllr P Barnes (Resignation), District Cllr K Cooke.
180/18 Disclosure of Interests – None.
181/18 Minutes of the last meeting – It was resolved that the minutes of the last meeting held 14th February 2019 be approved and signed as a true
and accurate record.  Proposed Cllr Hutchins, seconded Cllr Easey – JA/PF/JK/LG in favour.
182/18 Clerks report on matters outstanding –
Driveway (over culvert) – Enforcement Officer responded to our emails – will be making a further visit to property and report back.
S15/0111 Outgang Road – Enforcement Officer asked to report on latest situation.
Letter sent to resident re request for Memorial Seat.
Trees overhanging property from allotments – resident advised he will cut back.  
S18/2321 – Certificate of Lawful use of Development (proposed).
S18/2305 – Conditions complied 14th February 2018.
183/18 Planning –
S19/0317 and S19/0270
Cllr Hutchins proposed, seconded Cllr Affleck that no representations made in respect of above applications, all in agreement.
184/18 Finance –
    a) Report on balances and quarterly update.
    b) Payments made:
    i) Wendy Gray, Parish Clerk – March - £346.63
    ii) Abbie Burt – Community Cleaner February - £97.87
    iii) Baston Library Bus donation - £1,800.00
    iv) LALC Annual Subs 2019/2020 - £368.50
It was resolved that items (i) to (iv) be approved for payment.
Request for funding towards replacing Church Clock – write informing that information received thus far does not meet our standard grant criteria –
what amount are they putting forward, who else has been approached – when we have further information we will be able to consider request.
185/18 – Proposal to acquire new defibrillator cabinet and equipment for the village – move forward.
186/18 Highways –
Information received from LCC - TRO Traffic regulation orders (TRO's) can be used to place a temporary, experimental or permanent restriction on
the use of a public highway. They include but are not limited to one way streets, loading bays, speed limits, weight limits and parking restrictions.
Many TRO's are introduced as a result of discussion with local communities to address specific problems. In order to ensure TRO requests satisfy a
community need Lincolnshire County Council are only accepting public requests supported by County Councillors following discussion with the town
or Parish council. We are requesting individuals first contact their local Town or Parish Council with a TRO request. If the local council support the
request they can ask their local County Councillor to request the TRO. This should help keep local Councils in the loop with what is happening in
their local area.
All TRO requests are assessed by local highways teams and if it is deemed that the request should be progressed you will be informed through your
local County Councillor. Likewise if the request is not deemed suitable at the time you will be informed through your local County Councillor.
If a TRO request is accepted it could take some time before it is installed on site. We prioritise requests that relate to school issues, those the
Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership request, schemes linked to development and those that will have a positive impact on businesses.
187/18 Village Concerns – None.
188/18 Street Furniture – pending.  Need to send copy of brochure to Cllr Fidler re Mayfield Gardens.
189/18 Allotments – Quote received for clearing/removing, spraying and rotivating –Cllr Hutchins proposed we accept quote provided, seconded
Cllr Kelly, all in favour.
190/18 Correspondence –
Grass cutting (EnvironmentSK) – can we confirm we are or not doing (Contractor needs to be advised) – Parish Clerk to seek further clarification from
SKDC.  Cllr Affleck proposed we seek to obtain written confirmation, seconded Cllr Hutchins fromSKDC by 21st March, all in agreement.
Formal request for Defibrillator.
Insurance – with effect from 1st April Community Lincs will no longer be handling the administration of our policy – Zurich will become our contact
for any mid-term adjustments.
Request re Street Name for any future new requests – we will consider in future, PC policy is to use village names as opposed to names that
developers try to impose upon us.
191/18 Reports from Outside Bodies –
County Councillor –
Would Parish Council like another highways visit with Cllr Richard Davies?
LCC spraying 2 times a year, 3 cuts per year.
King Street/A15 turning trying to get on gritting route.
Looking at safety issues junction Kates Bridge.
Feasibility Study – Langtoft and Thurlby Cross Roads.
BPFMC – Following recent vandalism we have installed CCTV around some of the building and recording equipment.  System quote for a little over
£1300 including VAT.  Idea is to make area safe as advised by Lincolnshire Police.  No legislation re children playing in area. Insurance risk.  Not
accruing at this moment in time.
Neighbourhood Panel – No meeting.
South Lincs – nothing to report.
192/18 To agree items for the press release –
The Parish Council have made a donation to the School Library bus project - for re upholstery of the bus seats including re padding as required.
Two Planning applications were also reviewed - S19/0317, S19/0270.
The Parish Council have arranged for the unallocated allotments to be cleared of all rubbish, sprayed and rotivated - if anyone is interested in taking
on one of these allotments please contact the Parish Clerk.
It is Parish Council Elections this year (2nd May) for Baston - anyone interested in putting their name forward please contact Parish Clerk or SKDC.
Date of next meeting - Thursday 11th April commencing at 7.30 pm (Annual Parish Meeting followed by general meeting) and look forward to
meeting members of the public.
193/18 To resolve whether the Council move into Closed Session – None.
194/18 Any Other Business – None.
195/18 Date of next meeting – The next meeting of the Parish Council (Annual Parish Meeting followed by normal Parish Council meeting) will take
place on Thursday 11th April 2019 at The Barn at 7.30 pm.  The meeting closed at 9.35 p.m.