The Parish Council has agreed a 'Wish List' when it comes to responding to planning applications within the parish. If you have an idea which you think would help improve the village such as - more seats, noticeboards, play equipment then please contact either the clerk or a member of the Parish Council.  For further information please click below 21.02.14

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 allows the public to access information held by public authorities eg Baston Parish Council.

As from 1st January 2009 there will be one Approved Model Scheme which all authorities have to adopt.  Baston Parish Council adopted the Model Publication Scheme for Local Councils on 11th December 2008.


For more information please click below.

    Parish Council 'Wish List' Section 106 21.02.14
    Annual Audited of Parish Council Accounts 2013-14
    Annual Audit of Parish Council Accounts 2012-13
    Freedom of Information
    Baston Parish Council - Equality Statement
    Baston Standard Orders 2007
    Community Fund Information