Overview of services provided or supported by Baston Parish Council.


We work in partnership with the Baston Allotment Group (B.A.G's) to provide allotment plots to rent.

Bus Shelters

The Council have provided and maintain two bus shelters on Bourne Road on the main A15


A cemetery is located within the village at the bottom of Thetford Avenue. The cemetery provides traditional burial spaces for the interment of human remains in coffins or urns containing ashes, Burial rights are available for purchase in either consecrated and un-consecrated ground and can be pre- purchased if required. Grave spaces are available for both residents and those living outside the Parish.  Please contact the Vicar Rev. Canon Janet Beadle, The Vicarage, Thurlby, Bourne, Lincs., PE10 OEH.


The Council employs a Clerk to be the Proper Officer of the Council and Responsible Finance Officer. The Clerk is the first point of contact for the Parish Council.

Community Events

The Parish Council organises and takes part in a number of Community Events each year including :

    The Annual Parish Meeting  
    The Remembrance Day Service – laying a wreath on behalf of the residents of the village
    Christmas Tree Festival – providing a Christmas Tree


The Parish Council takes a keen interest in the standard and safety of the roads within our Parish.

1.  to provide roadside seats and shelters, and bus shelters.

2. to complain to protection of rights of way  and roadside wastes

3. to plant trees and to maintain roadside verges

The County Council’s Highway powers include:

    Power to repair and maintain public footpaths and bridle-ways.
    Power to enter into agreement as to dedication and widening.roads
    Power to provide traffic signs and other notices


The Parish maintain and update two official Noticeboards (one Parish Notice Board and one Village Notice Board). These are located opposite Baston Stores by the side of the Brudenell Playing Field.  If you wish to place information on the Village Notice Board please contact Mrs Diane Savage, 12 Colton Close, Baston. The Parish Council maintain and update a web site of information relevant to the working of the Parish Council and the Village

Open Spaces

The Brudenell Playing Fields and the village hall (‘The Barn’) are situated on land originally purchased from Lord Ancaster’s estate in 1966 by a group of villagers who were responsible for raising the necessary funds to pay for the land.  The Brudenell Playing Fields Management Committee (BPFMC) was formed by volunteers at the same time to manage and administer the facility on behalf of the village, which practice continues to this day. The playing fields comprise a senior football pitch, cricket pitch, LTA-standard tennis courts and cricket practice nets. There is a generously-sized children’s play area with a variety of well-maintained all weather outdoor play equipment. The maintenance and improvements to the playing fields and village hall are entirely funded by BPFMC independently of the district and county councils.