Public Rights of Way

Town & Country Planning Act 1990, Section 261 (as amended) Baston-proposed temporary diversion of part of public footpath No 5.  For more details please click on below.    17.11.14

The responsibility for maintaining a Public Rights of Way is shared between the Local Authority, Landowner & Occupier.

Local Authorities must record the legal existence & location of rights of way on the definitive map & ensure they are open for public use.

Landowners & Occupiers must ensure that rights of way are not blocked by crops, or other vegetation, or otherwise obstructed.  That the route is identifiable & the surface is restored soon after cultivation.

Footpaths - open to walkers only;

Bridleways - open to walkers, horseriders & cyclists;

Restricted Byway - open to walkers, horseriders & horsedrawn vehicles;

Byway Open to all Traffic (BOAT) - open to walkers, horseriders, horsedrawn vehicles, cyclists & motor vehicles.

Public Path Diversion Order - part of public footpath 5.  Information available below.

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Footpath No 5 temporary diversion 17.11.14

Footpath No 5 Map 17.11.14

    Map of Baston

      Gateway to the Lincolnshire Fens